All Hallow’s Eve

Ahh, Halloween. One of the strangest ‘holidays’ we have. Also one of the most fun, I think. I mean, what’s not to like? Costumes, scaring people for fun, loads of sweets and candy without the guilt, gutting pumpkins and carving lopsided faces into them, and answering the door to trick or treaters. But I think […]

What’s Old Is New

My family recently cleaned out my Grandparent’s farm house; an extremely melancholy chore. But among the sadness there were bright spots. Spots of wonder, amazement and laughter. One thing we came upon, high on a closet shelf in their original box, was a pair of my Grandma’s high heels. The original receipt was in the box, […]

Animalistic Fashion

Have you noticed the abundance of jewelry/accessories/clothing featured OWLS in the past year? All of the sudden they seemed be everywhere; owl necklaces, owl belts, owl rings, etc. It’s such a random creature to feature in retail stores that it really made me notice. (and yes, okay, I bought an owl ring) But it got me […]