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Creative Content MarketingCreative Content was founded to help companies tell their story and reach their audience through compelling writing, accurate tone, and effective strategy.

Areas of Expertise: Marketing communications, content writing, social media strategy.

Agency/Industry Specialties: local government, A/E industry, software industry, B2B, B2C, small businesses.

MWBE/DBE/SBE/EBE Certified with the City & County of Denver.
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ESB Certified with the Colorado Department of Transportation.
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“Katie provides the rare commodity of absolute dependability paired with thorough understanding. When pressed under a deadline, I can reach out to Katie, knowing she will get it done on time with minimal oversight while asking questions that carve a path to the exact solution we need. Having a direct line to what is necessary with such clarity saves me the time and stress of miscommunication or redundancy.”

~ Hannah, Wilson & Company, Engineers & Architects

"Katie's work is so nicely organized and written! When I'm talking to her about my business I feel like it can be a mess of a lot ideas and words slowly tumbling out of my mouth. But then she wraps it up in a nice neat package that people can read and understand so much more easily than my jumble of jargon!"

~ Bridget Molloy, Bridget's Botanicals

Content Writing & Brand Storytelling

Your company and your brand have a story to tell. How you tell that story to your potential customers makes all the difference in connecting with them. Are you generating compelling, shareable content for your industry? Does your content allow your potential customer to imagine themselves using your product/service?

  • Editing and proofreading
  • Writing blog posts or articles
  • Reviewing and rewriting existing content
  • Development of your brand story
  • Marketing pieces such as e-newsletters, promotional materials, and award submittals


Communications Plan/Strategy

Your company’s communication plan charts the course for your marketing tactics and the reason behind them. At least, it should. An effective communications plan identifies the key areas on which you should focus your marketing, determines the channels which will be most effective, and maps out how to accomplish your goals.

  • Development of communications plan and strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Buyer personas
  • Brand messaging
  • Measurable goals and strategies for content, website, and social media

Social Media Strategy

Every single business can benefit from social media in their marketing mix. However, as with most tactics, it needs to be executed smartly and efficiently in order to see a decent return on your investment. It doesn’t need to take up a lot of time, but it does need some care and feeding. If you don’t have time, or just don’t have the interest but know you need to do it for your company, Creative Content can step in to be your social media spirit guide.

  • Social media account(s) audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand persona review/development
  • Channel analysis and recommendations
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Analytics and reporting


Blog posts are a fantastic way to keep adding fresh content to your website and increase your findability because they are easily shared and can be far-reaching. They also allow your brand story to be told, through thought leadership and the sharing of knowledge. Consistent blogging drives traffic to your website and helps build your reputation as an authority on your product or service.

  • Topic research and interviews
  • Blog post creation (600 to 2,500-word posts)
  • Photo search and/or graphic creation
  • Writing with search engine optimization in mind