Cover Reveal for My New Novel

Sunburst of light

I’m thrilled to share this with you all: the front cover of True Nature, and the full layout with the spine and back.
True Nature Cover and Back Layout
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Pre-orders will be opening up this week!

I’m currently working with my interior format editor as I want to change the dimensions of the book to better fit the page count now that I’ve seen it all laid out. I’m very close and will be able to order a proof copy, and then real copies within a couple of weeks! If you would like a signed copy, you can pre-order through me directly and I’ll sign and deliver or mail it to you. Stay tuned for details on how to pre-order.

Back Cover Copy

The masks we wear may give us tunnel vision to the world, and make us blind to the reality within us.

Vanessa Hall has masked her true self for far too long. Living in Denver with what appears to be the perfect marriage and life, the mask she has worn is abruptly ripped off in a violent incident that upends her life. As the key witness to crimes in which her late husband was involved, Vanessa is not only injured, but whisked away by the FBI to a safe location while the investigation plays out. Facing reality for the first time in years, she learns that sometimes nowhere is safe until the truth is revealed.

Special Agent Alexander Eriksson, FBI, has been assigned to the investigation involving Vanessa’s husband from the beginning. Alex has an uncanny gift for reading body language, tone of voice, and people’s overall actions to ascertain the truth. A workaholic whose life is his job, Alex keeps others at a distance, but getting to know Vanessa may challenge the way he believes he wants to live.

As they navigate uncharted territory, Alex and Vanessa find themselves caught in a whirlwind of passionate desire despite the unusual circumstances. Their undeniable spark and resulting trysts are a welcome distraction from the reality unfolding around them. They both struggle as their masks disintegrate and they begin to confront the dark world in which they find themselves. For reasons neither understands, the criminals will not stop till they find her.


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  1. Mrs. Kint February 16, 2022 Reply

    Why do you call it a fiction novel? Saying it’s a novel already tells the reader it’s fiction.

    • Katie Matthews February 16, 2022 Reply

      Fair point 😉 I just wanted to emphasize that it’s fiction that is novel length, not a novella (less than 50,000 words), or shorter.

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