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True Nature, a sexy suspense novel by Katie Matthews, is releasing in February 2021! Check back for more information and pre-orders.

Cut and Bound Novel Cover Paperback
Paperback and eBook

Fiction Novel: Cut and Bound

By Katie Matthews

After his soul is cut from his physical body, his world is bound by the limitations of existing in others.

Cole Suter, rich, successful and proud womanizer, finds himself in a comatose state after an accident he barely remembers. Only able to hear what is happening around him, he is terrified the day he hears his heart rate flatline. Experiencing what he believes is death, Cole awakes to find himself locked inside another's body, only able to see, hear, and most puzzling—feel their emotions.

What follows is a journey over which Cole has no control. He moves from person to person, viewing their lives and attempting to decipher their emotions. For how does one know what an emotion is, without the thought tied to it? Along the way he is alternately disgusted and awed by what he witnesses. Those he visits unknowingly show him all the different ways there are to live, the struggles they face, and the myriad of emotions associated with being human.