Sparks at Sea by Katie MatthewsRomantic Suspense: Sparks at Sea

By Katie Matthews

Falling for the fisherman wasn't part of her pitch...   

Plenty of fish in the sea? Sirena Thomas is convinced there’s none left, especially with how her previous marriage ended. Now, she’s perfectly content with her first love—whales—and her chance to promote revolutionary fishing equipment with her conservation group. Yet her long-awaited trip to Newfoundland and Labrador is soured when the Sea Dog’s temperamental first mate immediately rejects their pitch.

Jack McDonnell is the soon-to-be owner of the old-fashioned Sea Dog—if he can afford it. He, above anyone else, knows how sink or swim the boat is now. Though he wants to protect the whales too, the new fishing nets aren’t financially feasible, no matter how much the admittedly cute WCS volunteer pushes for it when she tracks them out to sea to convince them once more.

When a dangerous storm pushes in and sweeps Sirena and Jack away to a lighthouse on a remote island, they’ll have to set aside their differences to survive. That might prove more difficult than either realize, as steamy desire drives them together, and a dark secret from the past threatens to make waves in their choppy relationship.

Adult content warning.

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True Nature fiction novelRomantic Suspense: True Nature

By Katie Matthews

The masks we wear may give us tunnel vision to the world, and make us blind to the reality within us

Vanessa Hall has masked her true self for far too long. Living in Denver with what appears to be the perfect marriage and life, the mask she has worn is abruptly ripped off in a violent incident that upends her life. As the key witness to crimes in which her late husband was involved, Vanessa is not only injured, but whisked away by the FBI to a safe location while the investigation plays out. Facing reality for the first time in years, she learns that sometimes nowhere is safe until the truth is revealed.

Special Agent Alexander Eriksson, FBI, has been assigned to the investigation involving Vanessa's husband from the beginning. Alex has an uncanny gift for reading body language, tone of voice, and people's overall actions to ascertain the truth. A workaholic whose life is his job, Alex keeps others at a distance, but getting to know Vanessa may challenge the way he believes he wants to live.

As they navigate uncharted territory, Alex and Vanessa find themselves caught in a whirlwind of passionate desire despite the unusual circumstances. Their undeniable spark and resulting trysts are a welcome distraction from the reality unfolding around them. They both struggle as their masks disintegrate and they begin to confront the dark world in which they find themselves. For reasons neither understands, the criminals will not stop till they find her.

Adult content warning.

Cut and Bound Novel Cover Paperback

Literary Fiction: Cut and Bound

By Katie Matthews

After his soul is cut from his physical body, his world is bound by the limitations of existing in others.

Cole Suter, rich, successful and proud womanizer, finds himself in a comatose state after an accident he barely remembers. Only able to hear what is happening around him, he is terrified the day he hears his heart rate flatline. Experiencing what he believes is death, Cole awakes to find himself locked inside another's body, only able to see, hear, and most puzzling—feel their emotions.

What follows is a journey over which Cole has no control. He moves from person to person, viewing their lives and attempting to decipher their emotions. For how does one know what an emotion is, without the thought tied to it? Along the way he is alternately disgusted and awed by what he witnesses. Those he visits unknowingly show him all the different ways there are to live, the struggles they face, and the myriad of emotions associated with being human.