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6 Surprising Truths About Working from Home

We are living in an era where working remotely has become not only the norm for some companies, but the preferred method by many employees. Tales of increased productivity and happier, healthier people abound. Interviewees may even ask about the company’s remote working policy in the interview, making that a determinant in their job search. […]


Season of Change

I have always loved the summertime. I was born in July, and feel very connected to the middle of the year when the days are long, the sun is warm, and life feels a little more carefree. I spend a lot of time on our patio reading, writing, dreaming with my love about our future, […]

Rain on window


Note: I was organizing my writing files and found this beginning to a story that I started about 10 years ago. Sorry for the language; the lady is a sailor 😉  A red silk scarf dangled from her fingers and dark hair hung in damp clumps about her face. With wild eyes scanning the restaurant […]