Too Many Choices

This drink machine, now found in many eateries such as Noodles & Company, is proof that Americans have TOO MANY CHOICES! This is getting a little ridiculous, no? Just watch someone come up to this machine and stare. You can almost feel the panic. There’s a line behind them. They choose Coca-Cola. Should be straight […]

Someone at Netflix Should be Fired

Ohhh Netflix, what were you thinking? Let’s recap: Sometime in June – Netflix announces price hike = customers are annoyed. September 18 – Netflix announces they will be splitting DVDs and streaming video into two separate websites and services = customers are pissed. October 10 – Netflix recants with blog post and sends email to all customers […]

Books Are Not Dead

I was incredibly bummed out yesterday when I received an email from the CEO of Borders announcing the close of all Borders stores. 🙁  I have been a Borders fan and customer for years. When I see that big red sign on the side of a building I’m filled with visions of colorful book covers, […]