Too Many Choices


This drink machine, now found in many eateries such as Noodles & Company, is proof that Americans have TOO MANY CHOICES! This is getting a little ridiculous, no? Just watch someone come up to this machine and stare. You can almost feel the panic. There’s a line behind them. They choose Coca-Cola. Should be straight forward right? Wrong. There are about 7 different choices for flavors of Coca-Cola. Do we really need this many different drink choices? Are we getting a little spoiled? And perhaps just me complaining that we have too many choices, is a first-word problem in itself.

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  1. chiefblender January 6, 2014 Reply

    You know who doesn’t panic?! My 7 year old.

    She decides its time to start creating new fabulous flavors, over and over again!

  2. tigersjungle January 6, 2014 Reply

    Good point – this probably seems like drink flavor heaven to a kid!

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