Novel: Sparks at Sea

blue waves

Falling for the fisherman wasn't part of her pitch . . .

Plenty of fish in the sea? Sirena Thomas is convinced there’s none left, especially with how her previous marriage ended. Now, she’s perfectly content with her first love—whales—and her chance to promote revolutionary fishing equipment with her conservation group. Yet her long-awaited trip to Newfoundland and Labrador is soured when the Sea Dog’s temperamental first mate immediately rejects their pitch.

Jack McDonnell is the soon-to-be owner of the old-fashioned Sea Dog—if he can afford it. He, above anyone else, knows how sink or swim the boat is now. Though he wants to protect the whales too, the new fishing nets aren’t financially feasible, no matter how much the admittedly cute WCS volunteer pushes for it when she tracks them out to sea to convince them once more.

When a dangerous storm pushes in and sweeps Sirena and Jack away to a lighthouse on a remote island, they’ll have to set aside their differences to survive. That might prove more difficult than either realize, as steamy desire drives them together, and a dark secret from the past threatens to make waves in their choppy relationship.

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Sparks at Sea in paperback and ebook
  • Format: Paperback, Kindle eBook, and Kindle Vella
  • Pages: 248
  • Genre: Sexy/Romantic Suspense
  • Adult Content and Trigger Warning: language, sexual content, brief reflection of sexual assault
  • ISBN: 9798596959123

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