Shoes are to Women . . .


Shoes are to women, . . . as cars are to men.

I. Love. Shoes. There – I said it. Hello, my name is Katie and I’m a shoeaholic. And hello my sister friends surrounding me at the Nordstrom shoe department like a flock of friendly birds, all entranced by the same shiny objects. I know, I know – almost all women love shoes. This is nothing new. But what most men, and some women, don’t realize is – WHY. Well guys I’m gonna tell you: Shoes Always Fit. Unlike our dress size, our shoe size never changes. And as any woman will tell you, there are so many wardrobe issues that have to do with our weight, or perceived weight, that make having an option that never fails an absolute thrill. So there you have it guys. Mystery solved. When you see your girl come out in an outfit that you think looks great on her and the first thing she says is “Look! Look at my new shoes!” try not to shake your head and say, “What is the big deal with women and shoes?!”

Besides, men have their ‘shoes’ as well. Only they are cars. Just as slipping on a pair of lovely leather slingback heels can transform you from serious-girl-at-work by day, to fun-loving-vixen by night, a car can make a man feel more like the guy he wants to be, or maybe just enforces who he is. The cliche is that shoes and cars say something about personalities, but I do believe that. And when a man gets behind the wheel, he is inside the car, and therefore gets to take on the perceived characteristics of the vehicle; just as women do with shoes. And I’ll admit that a guy’s car sometimes makes him more attractive then he actually is. It’s like beer goggles or something. I’ve had Mercedes goggles before. You see the guy in the SLK convertible at the stoplight and you are thinkin’, ‘He is hot!’ But had he just been in line at Home Depot = ‘meh’.

And so I give you my list of shoe types and their equivalent in cars and what I think they mean.

Ballerina Flats ========> VW Jetta ========> I am down to earth and low maintenance, but still enjoy being hip.

Platform Pumps ========> Chevy Camaro ========> I am classic and traditional, but have a naughty side.

Peep Toe Heels ========> Any Hybrid Car ========> I want the best of both worlds. (part pump, part sandal; part gas, part electric)

Knee-High Boots ========> Mercedes SUV ========> I am not afraid to stand out. I appreciate style, but still want some function and practicality.

Gladiator Sandals w/Ankle Straps ========> Mazda RX8 ========> I am unconventional and adventurous.

Stilettos ========> Lexus SC ========> I like to be noticed, am confident and fun-loving.

Tennis Shoes ========> Toyota Tacoma ========> I am sporty, practical and outdoorsy.

Sandals with rubber, fabric, or plastic ========> Toyota Prius ========> I am earthy and environmentally conscious. I also probably live in Boulder.

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  1. Susan July 1, 2010 Reply

    This. IS. FANTASTIC! I love you 🙂

  2. Katie July 1, 2010 Reply

    And I love YOU. Now, what shoes are you wearing? 😉

  3. The Morris Family July 13, 2010 Reply

    This is classic! Love it! GOOD translation of shoe to car! GREAT tidbit…made me smile.

  4. Heather July 15, 2010 Reply

    Wonderful description Katie, I love it! It is ironic that the day I decided to log on to your blog was the same day I got ready and said, ” I am going to buy some new shoes today” I really don't like the ones currently on my feet or lets just say I don't like the way I feel in these shoes. Unfortunately I do not have the time for true shoe shopping or an afternoon at Nordstroms but Zappos here I come and you just confirmed that I really do need to purchase those $100 sandels I have been eyeing all summer. Can't wait to show them to you! 🙂

  5. Katie July 15, 2010 Reply

    Heather you simply MUST. 🙂

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