Trading Lives

Hollywood likes to play with the make-believe phenomenon of switching lives with someone else, usually by some unexplained magic that occurs and each person’s being goes into the other one’s body. This plot makes for cheap and easy laughs and has taken the form of Freaky Friday,  The Hot Chick and The Change Up. It always involves two […]

Animalistic Fashion

Have you noticed the abundance of jewelry/accessories/clothing featured OWLS in the past year? All of the sudden they seemed be everywhere; owl necklaces, owl belts, owl rings, etc. It’s such a random creature to feature in retail stores that it really made me notice. (and yes, okay, I bought an owl ring) But it got me […]

Mad Men, the 80’s, and Now

I recently started watching Mad Men. And like a good little NetFlix-er, I started from the beginning with the first season. First of all – freakin, frackin, LOVE it. Second, it has me thinking about the workplace and how far women have come in their careers, earning respect, and creating equality. But the series stands out SO […]