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Have you noticed the abundance of jewelry/accessories/clothing featured OWLS in the past year? All of the sudden they seemed be everywhere; owl necklaces, owl belts, owl rings, etc. It’s such a random creature to feature in retail stores that it really made me notice. (and yes, okay, I bought an owl ring)

But it got me thinking – who decides which creature becomes the trend for the season? Who is the person that sits in their cushy office, reading demographic reports, and gets to announce to all of retail, “I hereby declare, this season we are doing the Owl! The Owl I tell you! It will be a hit! A real fashion must around the world. Everyone will want an owl accessory, yet they won’t know why! Mmwhahahaha!”

I have nothing against you, my wildlife Owl peeps. (haha, peep-peep) I just don’t understand the selection process. Did fashion decide you were a sorely neglected bird and it was time for your day in the sun (but, oops, you are nocturnal).

Reminds me of a line from Good Will Hunting in which Minnie Driver invites Matt Damon out for coffee and he responds, “Yea sure. Or we could just get together and eat a bunch of caramels. . . . . when you think about it – it’s just as arbitrary as drinking coffee.”

So I would like to declare, if I might, the next creature to hit the fashion world and go viral. Because when you get the chance to be deliberately arbitrary, by God do it. Let’s make it the year of the THREE-TOED SLOTH in fashion.
Who’s with me? Anyone want sloth earrings?

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  1. The Morris Family April 21, 2011 Reply

    Funny you wrote this. I find the whole selection of animal fashion interesting. I feel the same way. I think Mariah Carey started it with the damn butterfly and since then there has been cats, fireflies, turtles, and many more I am missing. NOW the OWL…who, who decides. (HAHA I am so funny). Honestly, I sure hope these animals are getting their rightfully deserved royalties from the profits. 🙂

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