What the Wind Leaves Behind

The 458 Spider is the first car ever to combine a mid-rear engine.
The 458 Spider is the first car ever to combine a mid-rear engine.

Wind. Wind. Wind. All week long here.
I hate the wind.
Here’s WHY.

But today as I was walking fast from my car to a lunch restaurant, back hunched against the wind, hair sticking in my lip gloss, and eyes squinted – I looked up and saw the snow capped mountains not far to the West. The sight made me slow down and open my eyes wider and take in the beauty. The sky was this impossible shade of near-cobalt blue, setting off the white tipped peaks perfectly. The green of the forests in the foothills was sharp and pristine. The air was crystal clear. There were no clouds. No haze. No smog. No dullness in the air. Thanks to the wind.

It was a reminder to me that everything in nature has a purpose, even if we don’t see it or like it right away. The wind clears things out. Paves the way for a new and fresh day; a fresh start. It swipes away the grittiness that sometimes accumulates in life, as if wiping a dry erase board clean.

So I will try and embrace the wind. I will thank her for the clean, new air she brings. I will breathe her in to clear my lungs and head. I will stop and look and understand.

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  1. Julie May 11, 2014 Reply

    Exactly !!! YOu sure can’t change it – so embrace it and breathe it in – fresh Colorado air!

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