One Step Closer


Update on the novel: I have sent my manuscript off to Amazon CreateSpace for professional editing! Yippee! This is an expensive, but I feel, very necessary step. I know I won’t regret it. What I was doing prior to that was my final edit – done via the narrator feature in Microsoft Word. This was recommended on a self publishing website and boy was it a good exercise to go through. You select your text and then have a (male) voice narrate it to you. I didn’t look at the screen as it was read, just listened to the spoken word, and I found errors I never noticed before. It’s amazing how listening instead of reading helps you catch those things.

Also, I decided to rename my book, and my main character. The reason for this was discussed in this blog post. My main character’s name is now Cole Suter. The surname is from my family tree on my Dad’s side. The new title of the book is Cut and Bound. It represents how my character’s soul has been cut from his physical body, and is bound by the limitations of being in other people’s bodies and is completely helpless. Renaming the character I created so long ago and feel like I know intimately was tough. But I feel good about my decision and am not looking back!

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