When the Road Gets Rocky


On our recent trip to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado we took a Jeep road up to about 11,500ft. and were greeted by beautiful views at the top. Near the top we also realized our road had turned into this . . .

To give perspective, the narrow part of the path in the background was only about 15ft. wide, and was a sheer drop off to the right, with crumbling rock underfoot.
In looking at the picture days after the trip, it struck me how much it reminded me of life’s little (or big) dilemmas. Because the road always gets rocky, doesn’t it? It’s never smooth and easy the whole way. That wouldn’t be fun and that wouldn’t be reality. And you are always faced with a decision at that time. Fight or flight really. Do you take the risk? Do you buy the house? Do you open the business? Do you get divorced? Do you change jobs? Do you move to another country? Do you invest the money? Do you tell the truth?
Of course it can be easier to just do the opposite; to do nothing. But how long will you be content with that? How long before your thoughts begin to nag . . . begin to tell you that you’ve wasted time by not doing it initially. Then you face regret. And regret hurts.
So what did we do when faced with this literal rocky and scary ‘road’?
We got out and walked. 🙂

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