Silent Witness of You


You know the saying, “If these walls could talk”? Well, what if your car could talk? If you’ve had your car for a while, it has gone through a lot with you. And I’m not only talking about the places it has taken you, but how it has witnessed you in many stages of life (let’s pretend your car is a living entity for the sake of discussion).

Your car has seen you belting out your favorite songs at full volume, in the relative privacy, singing your heart out until your throat was even a little sore at the end of the ride. It has heard you play the song of the moment over and over until you got so tired of it you didn’t play it again for months. Your car has watched you cry and grip the wheel tightly as you struggled with life issues like divorce, loneliness, and death. It was there when you prayed out loud to God to get you home safely during a blizzard when the Interstate was shut down and you limped along on a back road, scared that any moment you would go off the road.

Your car has been there during the good times too. When you and your girlfriends went out on the town, applying lip gloss in its mirrors, laughing, and opening the moon roof to glimpse the night sky. It has been there when you and your best friend talked about things that you only talk about to each other. It has seen many a Christmas present be loaded into it to make the trek home; filled to the brim with excitement for the days to come.

It has seen you at your best, dressed in a suit and leaving from a job interview that you knew you nailed. Grinning, rolling down the windows and letting the summer air slip through your fingers, feeling like nothing could be bad in the world. Conversely it has seen you at your worst – breaking down and crying because the evening commute turned into 2 hours due to snow and accidents, and on top of your day at work, and other frustrations, you just can’t take it anymore.

How many different versions of yourself has your car witnessed? If it could talk it might say it knows you better than anyone because it has seen you unfiltered, raw and true.

If your car could talk, what would it say?

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  1. Anonymous April 7, 2011 Reply

    Cars can be like a confessional,a transformation machine, a getaway,a place to rest, a place just to be…You can step into a car feeling bad and step out feeling so much better…. Soap box moment now. Don't drink and drive or you will be just be sitting in your idle car because you lost your license for a year or more, in jail or taking a dirt nap. Recently happened to a friend of mine and she is payng for it BIG TIME.

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