Change of Seasons: Change of Mind


The last week of August is upon me and I am in mourning for the passing of summer. The summer is MY time, MY season, and when I feel most alive. My birthday is in the summer – and I do think we tend to prefer the season we were born in – and I have just always enjoyed warm weather and all the things that come with summer.

But as I thought about the changes that will come with Fall, I thought about those places in the world that don’t have a change of season at all. I live in Colorado, so seasons are very defined and can be narrowed down to certain months. I’ve never lived in a southern place that was perpetually warm and summery; nor a northern place where the mercury rarely rises. It seems utterly foreign to me, a place that doesn’t have distinct changes to the seasons. Sometimes, because I love summer so much, I have declared that I would love to live in all-summer place. But when I really stop and think about it, I don’t think that would suit me.

What if the four seasons are best for syncing with our own internal rhythms? We grow and change continually. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Each year we become slightly different. If we are doing things right, we get better every year. We become wiser, stronger, calmer, more content. And I know for me, when the seasons change, I notice a difference in my mood, my motivations, and thoughts arise about change and the future. I like the idea of riding nature’s wave of seasons. Maybe they spur us into change and to evolve to our next stage.

So if you live in one of the always-warm-states, I’m not saying you are emotionally stunted. But maybe a trip to Colorado for Christmas would do you good? Just sayin’.
However I will be thinking of you with envy right around early January when it’s 10 degrees and blowing snow.

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