Action Cures Fear


Someone said to me last week, “Action Cures Fear.” 

The more I thought about it, the more I found it to be true. It also made me think about my previous post on phobias. Often times the treatment to deal with and overcome a phobia is to do or interact with the actual thing of which you fear, take action towards it, and then conquer it.

But phobias aside, the statement Action Cures Fear can be applied to so many things. So often we hold back on things we really wish we could try, but never move forward because we are scared. And then the fear gets bigger and starts to permeate the whole idea until you have it in your mind that you will never do that thing you once wanted to do. But if we take action and take steps, even small steps, towards it . . . . the fear slowly starts to disappear. And you know what it’s replaced with?


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