A Fox Walks Into a Bar . . .


The concept of animal signs has always intrigued me. The idea that an action you witnessed by an animal, or just their presence, is not coincidence, but meant directly for you to derive a meaning. Maybe that raccoon that stepped out onto the side of the road and paused and stared at you is a sign for you alone. Or maybe that squirrel that jumped up on the window ledge and peered in at you is telling you something you need to pay attention to. Maybe this cricket right outside my open window tonight is not merely annoying and grating, but is singing an important song to me.

Stop and think about it.

Or is it all just nature, surrounding us, and we just come across the animals at random?

I don’t know, but if a fox walks into a bar, jumps up on a stool, and orders a whiskey, you had better take is as SOME kind of sign.

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