A Day in a Dog’s Mind – Part II


12:10pm: She made me put on the weird strappy thing that goes under my front legs, around my chest, and on which she clips The Restrainer. Oh I hate The Restrainer. It always keeps me several feet from her and I can’t run like I want to or do what I want. I am over a year old now. I can go on my own. I can run ahead of her and see what’s up ahead. Although, . . . . this one street is kind of scary, what with the towering Great Dane that yells obscenitys at me every time, and the yard that smells like death. She tells people ‘Kaiya is a little timid’. I don’t know what this means. Not sure it is a compliment. I know what compliments sound like: “awww, pretty girl!, pretty Husky! beautiful dog!” I like these sounds and when I hear them I’m sure to curl my tail extra tight in the way it looks good. But timid I don’t know. Maybe it means hunter?

12:20pm: Ah fluff, we are going down the scary street. I know his house. It’s on the right and I can smell him. He smells icky. He hears my jingly collar and starts yelling at me. I didn’t even do anything to him. Seriously, I don’t even know him. Why does he hate me? I can’t repeat the things he yells at me. But I know one thing – he doesn’t want me in his yard or house. I hurry by.

12:30pm: I smell something! Something I smell! What is it? What is it? What is it? It’s right here! No, here. No, wait here. Or maybe over here. Wait! I smell something! She always rushes me.

12:40pm: Small terrier up ahead. It starts calling out to me, “Hi! Hi! Hi there! What’s your name? Mine is Cocoa! We don’t have much time to talk so please listen! You gotta break me outta here! You just gotta! My owner feeds me organic dog food and it SUCKS. You have no idea! So if you just pull on the fence right over here . . . ” But I’m being pulled along by The Restrainer and can’t stop to talk or help. I feel for her though – sometimes you just want some junk food like Purina.

12:50pm: We are turning home. I know by the smell and where we are. I’ll stop pulling on The Restrainer a bit to give her a break. Tired of hearing her say ‘heel’. What a dumb word.

12:55pm: We are walking up to house and, . . . . the pigeons are back! They are on the ground under the tree. I’ll get them, let me go! Let me off The Restrainer and you can count on me! I do a special half leap combined with a bark/howl and it’s most effective. The pigeons fly away quickly. I am the best hunter ever.

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