30-Something Blues . . . and Reds


Okay. I’ve experienced a few years in my decade of 30’s now. And I’m finally ready to write about it. Yes, it took me this long. You see, that jump from your 20’s into your 30’s is a tough one for most women I think. Especially since our culture seems to value being young, crazy and in your 20’s. So 30 can feel a bit like you have left a fun vacation locale and are setting sail for a new, more mature and responsible world.

And yes, the 30’s do come with new and sometimes tough things. Many women are mothers, and find very little time for themselves, and start to long for the days that didn’t revolve around domestic duties, crying children and big financial decisions. And it’s harder to keep that 20’s figure anymore. The workouts need to be longer and tougher and targeted. You think twice about ordering those fries. Career-wise you may start to re-think your direction. No longer just working at a job out of college and happy to just have a paycheck, you may find yourself wanting to find something that truly fuels you and your life passions.

But despite the things above, I’m finally starting to see the perks of this decade. In fact, I’m head over heels in love with it. Released from much of the social pressure around looks and fashion, we are now free to embrace our personal style with grace, ease and no apologies. You realize it just doesn’t matter if your outfit is spot-on/matches/is trendy/is what is expected. You figure out what works for you and run with it. You develop a signature look. It’s extremely freeing.

Your 30’s is a key decade for checking on the course of your career. Are you still on track for your goals and dreams? Or have you gone so off the map that you feel lost at sea? If it is time to jump ship or harbor in a different port, this is the perfect time to do it. You still have so much working time ahead of you (don’t think too much about that) that a major career change is doable. Plus, as mentioned above, you can relax into your authentic self and may know more about what you want to for work.

The time is also right for complete honesty. You have nothing to lose by being honest with yourself. In fact, you OWE it to yourself. Take a big heaping helping of truth, with a side of introspection why don’t you? Because once you start to examine what makes you truly happy, what hurts you, what you worry about, and what you need to feel alive, then you can live your life fully.

I’m not saying all this can only happen in your 30’s, it’s just been true for me. But I would love to hear what others think – are you experiencing/have you experienced the same feelings while in your 30’s? Or did that come later, or earlier for you?

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