What Makes a Writer?

This summer I took a break from my novel editing (I was utterly overwhelmed after receiving edits back from a professional editor) and didn’t move forward on it for months. Around August I started berating myself for not working on it. When friends and acquaintances would ask how it was going I would respond sheepishly […]

One Step Closer

Update on the novel: I have sent my manuscript off to Amazon CreateSpace for professional editing! Yippee! This is an expensive, but I feel, very necessary step. I know I won’t regret it. What I was doing prior to that was my final edit – done via the narrator feature in Microsoft Word. This was […]

Gray Area

Today was a feel-good day for me. I took my USB stick to Kinkos and had the draft of my novel printed out so that I can pass it onto my Beta reader this week. I was so excited that I think the people in Kinkos thought I was manic. I might have grinned a […]