Venus & the Moon Are Screwing Up My Chi

Between the full moon the night before, and Venus in transit across the Sun today, I feel things are a little off. A little wacky. A little cray-cray.

According to astrology teachings, my sign is ruled by the moon. I don’t know if I feel influenced by knowing that or what, but I have always been incredibly drawn to the moon. And last night when it finally broke through its cloud constraints, it was magnificent. I felt energized, I felt like I could feel the moon. And I found myself being happy, hyper and batty all night. I’m surprised I didn’t howl at the moon with my Husky dog.

Tonight Venus is traveling new territory. It’s a gypsy planet in the night sky. It’s being watched, and discussed, and photographed.
Yet things feel off.
Human relationships are clunky. Conversations are stilted. Missed connections. Awkward silences.

The only thing to do is go to bed, dream the dreams, and see what awaits tomorrow. Hopefully a sun without a blemish, and a moon that calms down.

Article by Katie Matthews

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