Things On My Desk – A Visual Journey

Things on my Desk (2)

My home office is a small sanctuary for me. I have it decorated just the way I like, I have a super comfortable chair, and I set things on the desk that bring me joy. Some of these items are inspirational, motivational, make me smile, or just help me get in the mindset to write and be creative. So here are a few of the items on my desk . . .

Things on my Desk (7)
This is my ‘paper goods’ corner. I have several notebooks, pretty papers, wax seals, journals, etc. All inspire me to write and be creative. I love birds, so several of them have that theme.
Things on my Desk (3)
I ALWAYS have a candle lit when I am writing.
Things on my Desk (6)
Hi, my name is Katie and I’m addicted to lip balm. It’s Colorado, yo.
Things on my Desk (2)
These inspirational cards are good for drawing one for the day and focusing on it.
Things on my Desk (5)
This mini terrarium brings me peace when I look at it. (I also wish I was a tiny person that could walk around in there)
Things on my Desk (4)
Yep. I like to have a beverage when I write. It was wine tonight. But usually a V&T. Oh, but if it’s in the morning it’s green tea!
Things on my Desk (1)
Another inspirational token. Some birds aren’t meant to be caged . . .
Things on my Desk (8)
A must for every gal’s desk/home/patio!

Now, you share with me please – what items are essential on your desk, and why?

Article by Katie Matthews

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