Sisters of the Treadmill – Unite!

I have noticed a trend at the gym. Women . . . . just aren’t very friendly to each other there. Have you ever noticed that? Now I am a person who regularly smiles at people in general, in many different situations. I am quick to smile and even say hi to strangers. But not at the gym.

When you walk into the women’s locker room no one meets your eyes. If they do, it seems like pure accident. And you could be crowded around 5 other women getting into lockers and changing and not one of them will say hi to one another or speak at all, unless they are friends that came together. Now I know I’m generalizing, but this is the case every time I go to my gym! And I find myself doing the same. I don’t look at anyone or say hi to anyone.

Since going to the gym is something that is ‘tough’ to do for many reasons: motivation, time, money, willpower, etc., wouldn’t it be nice if us women banded together and encouraged each other? There are days when I don’t want to go, and even as I’m slowly walking into the locker room I’m still trying to find an excuse to turn around and leave. It would be great if the first woman I crossed paths with said, “You made it this far. No turning back. Go get em’ girl.” Or if while I was on the bench next to another girl while we tied our shoes I would say to her, “Good for you for getting here and sticking with it. Let’s kick some caloric ass!” And then when on the treadmill and my heart is pounding, my calves aching, and my butt jiggling, the woman next to me would say, “Just 5 more mintues! Watch the rest of this HGTV show and then you’re done!”

We should be cheerleaders for each other. We are sisters of the world. And the elliptical machine. Why don’t we congratulate each other, instead of looking one another up and down when our backs are turned and either making ourselves feel better, or worse, based on the assessment.

Article by Katie Matthews

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