Scary Sign Spinners

We’ve all seen them. Those people (usually awkward teenagers) standing at an intersection, holding a huge wooden sign and spinning it around and around. Their signs are advertising something, whether it be a deal on pizza, or pointing the way to real estate heaven, just down the road. Now how would you have known real estate heaven was just down that street, had the dedicated sign spinner not grabbed your attention and showed you the way?

Sarcasm aside, I have to hand it to those sign spinners – they nearly always look enthusiastic. They have their ear buds in, rocking out to music, and sometimes even bustin’ a move artfully involving their sign. Extra points if they get someone to run a red light because they are too distracted watching them hop from foot to foot and twirling the wooden plank like a numchuck.

However, this advertising tactic mostly baffles me. I would love to see the ROI those signs bring their companies. For instance, on my way to work every morning a new sign spinner gal has started frequenting the same spot, but she’s not like the others. She is dressed in a clown suit. She has a painted face. And what does her sign say? What is it she is selling? ‘Carpet & Flooring’. Hmmm. Do clowns make YOU want to buy carpet and flooring? And does a clown selling carpet at 8am make you want to go buy carpet before you get to work?

Sign spinning is a good job for teenagers, and I’m glad they are working. And to those who at least have their positioning and timing right (pizza deal on street corner at 5pm on a weeknight) more power to you. But the clown I do not get. Did they not do their research and find that the majority of Americas are afraid of clowns?? It’s like IT came up from the sewer and wants you to get some new Berber carpet or he’ll bite your face off. I’ll go buy some pizza, thanks.

Article by Katie Matthews

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  1. sign spinners September 25, 2013 Reply

    Sign spinners is a very cost effective way of marketing to get the impulse buyer who is driving by.

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