Sad Mannequins at BR

Last month my best friend and I were shopping the recession-fueled sales at our favorite stores and found ourselves inevitably in Banana Republic. Ahh BR. Your beautiful black suit sealed the deal during my job interview, I’m sure of it. However I spotted something disturbing in the store. No it wasn’t that orange poncho-type thing marked 50% for a reason; it was a female mannequin standing nearby. She caught my eye because the back of her dress was not zipped all the way up. There was about an inch left to go. Being the Type A person I can be, I automatically reached over to complete the zip. I discovered it just wouldn’t go the rest of the way; it didn’t completely fit the mannequin. As I was turning away I saw it. SIZE: 0

Yes, even this poor, headless mannequin could not live up to the expectations of today’s retailer in terms of size. I felt her pain. Although she was headless, her hands were turned out, palms up, and she seemed to say ‘why do I have to be made to feel fat because I can’t fit in a size 0?’ Okay, maybe that’s what I was thinking. Looking around, all her mannequin friends were the same size and boy were they lean! But still couldn’t quite make the 0. I know the tirade about society’s messed up views of beauty/size/weight is a bit tired, but, really. Really BR? Why facilitate the unrealistic ideals? Let her wear her size! (albeit probably a 2. sigh)

An aside: We also learned the important rule that you should try on dresses in the morning, Before mowwing at P.F. Changs, and you should try on shoes in the afternoon, because your feet swell during that time and you need to make sure the shoe will fit those proportions. Important stuff Ladies!

Article by Katie Matthews

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  1. Susan March 9, 2010 Reply

    fantastic my dear cousin….fantastic 🙂

  2. The Morris Family March 11, 2010 Reply

    hahahaha….Maybe we should start a counseling group for mannequins with self esteem issues. Love it!

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