The night was lonely. It was the most alone I have ever felt. It was similar to lying in the hospital bed unable to move or speak, but different in that this time I was in a body that could move and speak and feel, yet I had no control over when I could do these things. It was almost more frustrating than my previous situation. I heard the girl softly snoring, and the breeze ruffling the curtains at the window, and the incessant locus screaming outside. And now everything was dark. When her eyes closed, I lost my sight too. This amounted to extreme boredom. I didn’t think too much about why I couldn’t sleep along with her. I neither felt tired, nor the biological need to sleep. I figured that if I wasn’t really alive, then I didn’t need to sleep. But that didn’t make the long-reaching night any easier. Several times I tried to will her awake. I pathetically tried yelling ‘wake up!’, even though I knew by now I couldn’t bring the words to life and she couldn’t feel them. Next I attempted to share my emotions with her, as she seemed to do with me. I tried to send her a feeling of alarm, hoping to rouse her from her deep sleep. But she slept on, unaware of my presence. If this is what my eternity is, I thought, I would have taken the fire and brimstone of hell, just to have something more interesting to see.

Article by Katie Matthews

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  1. Susan June 17, 2010 Reply

    I WANT MORE! I was so into that enttry that i didn't want to stop reading!

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