Gym Etiquette with Matthew McConaughey

When it comes to landing pages and calls to action, 24 Hour Fitness is doin’ it right. I went to their site to check out prices for a gym membership (never, ever thought I would be considering this, have always hated the idea of gyms, but I have learned to never say never). Anyway, I was pleased to see you can become a member online. And their membership process couldn’t have been simpler. Their clean landing page design, obvious calls to action, and conditional formatting made for a quick and easy submittal. (Is it bad that I shop so much online that I have my credit card info. memorized?) If only all B2C websites could be like this! I’d say the only thing that could have made it better would be random photos and/or videos of a shirtless Matthew McConaughey winking and saying “Join Today Cutie”.

Now, since I’ll be entering the gym for the first time I need some pointers on gym etiquette. I don’t know the unspoken rules and faux pas. Okay, well I know you wipe your sweat off a machine, and I know to wear flip flops in the locker room (yuck), but what else do I need to know? Can anyone pass on some tips? (24 Hour Fitness: This would be another good video spot featuring Matthew. Just sayin’.)

Also – please take the poll at the bottom right! I know it’s hard to see. I would like to get more votes so I can have my new dog breed for the book! 🙂 

Article by Katie Matthews

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  1. Anonymous April 7, 2010 Reply

    Matthew McConaughey, who is that guy? Oh wait is the guy that went to the same acting school as Keanu Reeves…if so, he would be perfect for this non speaking part.

    As far as gym etiquette goes, the most important thing to remember ……work out with a piece of bacon in your pocket. I mean it is 2010, have some respect for yout fellow gym rats and show your love for the other white meat. And the great news, if your accidently (but who would)forget yours you can pick a piece up from the bacon station they have at the front door…

    Good luck at the gym “Cutie”

    Embrace The Bacon

  2. The Morris Family April 8, 2010 Reply

    You make me laugh! HAHA too bad all the trainers at the gym weren't Matthew or at least were look a likes. I would be there all the time plus super skinny wanting to IMPRESS…lol. SHHH don't tell Ry I just said that. HA..I guess he would be there too if Anne Hathaway look a likes were running around with just sports bras and booty shorts. Maybe because it is Vegas but I can't stand the chicks with their make-up and hair all done up like their work out is a modeling shoot. GOOD LUCK with the “new” guy!

  3. The Morris Family April 8, 2010 Reply

    I met your new guy aka imaginary Matthew friends running around at the gym.

  4. Anonymous May 14, 2010 Reply

    Don't wear spandex, make up or jewelery, you'll just come off as a poser. Work up a good sweat and don't worry what you look like while working out. People all think everyone is watchimg them work out but they need to get over themselves because “there not all that”

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