Feeling bloated? Check your Chakras

I heard about an online test to see which of your Chakras are open, blocked, over-active, or under-active and I thought it sounded interesting. To help illustrate the Chakras I found the image at left (in which Miss Chakra has apparently had breast augmentation – did her Heart Chakra make her do it?)

The Chakras consist of the following:
Red – Root
Orange – Sacral
Yellow – Navel
Green – Heart
Blue – Throat
Purple – Third Eye
Lighter Purpley – Crown

I found that ALL my Chakras are open! Yippee! Model New Age Student! However one of them was Over-Active. Oops. Slow down there A.D.D. Chakra. I won’t tell you which but I’m guessing those who know me best will know which one. 😉

To find out if you have any blockages and what you can do about them, here is the site. It also tells you more about what each Chakra means tied to personality traits. Pretty interesting and true for me.

If you do the test, let me know how true you think it is for your personality/life.

Article by Katie Matthews

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