The night was lonely. It was the most alone I have ever felt. It was similar to lying in the hospital bed unable to move or speak, but different in that this time I was in a body that could move and speak and feel, yet I had no control over when I could do […]


Note: The paragraphs from my book will always have a one-word Title in the post. My brain recognized sunlight immediately, and yet I did not feel the need to squint. Directly in front of my eyes stood something I wasn’t prepared for. A large brown horse. A horse so large that its head towered over me so […]


One thing I am beginning to understand is that my concept of time has disappeared. I can’t tell a minute from an hour, an hour from a day. At times I think that I must have just woken up from a sleep because I can feel that heavy, laden and groggy veil on my mind […]


Jesus, God, Lord of Mercy, please help me PUSH OUT OF THIS and be okay. Ahh, suddenly I’m a religious man. Never have been before, but this seems like the prime time to start talking to God. Forget the positive thinking, let’s go straight to the big kahuna. But will God know I’m a fraud? […]


(note: this is the opening paragraph of my book) I have lived a good life, I believe. My 37 years on this earth were well spent. If asked if I had any regrets, my immediate answer would be no. Wouldn’t it? I pause and run down a mental list of accomplishments in my life. It […]

New Release, or Recycled Reading?

You know those authors whose books you will buy the instant they come out with a new release? You don’t even really need to read the book synopsis – you just KNOW it will be good and you buy it without thinking twice. That recently happened to me when Borders notified me that Tami Hoag […]