Advertising is Grrrrreat!

I recently read that the Top 3 Most Recognized American Advertising Icons were the Marlboro Man, Ronald McDonald, and the Jolly Green Giant. Ahh, sit down to a Big Mac, green beans, and have a cigarette why don’t cha. Who/What do you think of when you picture your favorite products growing up? Of course you know I’m going to say – where is Tony the Tiger in that list? 🙂
Who were/are the creepy product mascots that did the exact opposite of their job (made you never want to go near that product)? I have one word for you: Mucinex. I don’t need to see shiny, blobby, animated mucus-people with clothing to understand that your product clears the nose.
Who were/are the most effective product mascots? I am a sucker for the Coca-Cola polar bears and seals. Always makes me think of an icy cold Coke.
Tell me the ones from the past you remember, and the current ones you like/dislike!

Article by Katie Matthews

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  1. The Morris Family April 19, 2010 Reply

    OMG there are just so many. First cereal has so many I am thinking of Toucan Sam, Cookie Crisp Bandit, Dugg the Trix Bunny, Count Chocula, The Honey Bee, Snap Crackle Pop, Captain Crunch, Dig'em frog from Honey Smacks (old school). Enough of cereal but other mascots that instantly came to mind MCGruff Crime Dog, Woodsy Owl, The Cheetoh Cheetah, Mr. Clean, Pillsbury Dough Boy, the Snuggle Bear and the Koolaid Man. GOSH so many….I could go on forever! Pillsbury is my fav. with the little giggle when they tickle his belly….hahah

  2. Katie April 20, 2010 Reply

    Ahh, I forgot about the Koolaid pitcher guy who crashed thru walls and surprised the kids! Wonder if any kids were scared by that. ;)-

  3. Anonymous April 24, 2010 Reply

    Ok, hold on , don't knock the Marlboro Man/ Men – I met them and they are actually very (VERY) nice. Kt , I don't know if you heard this story, but it is true, danced and drank beer together. In Sante Fe. At Insurance womens conference. Ok, ask me more . SIGNED:
    don't know if I should identify myself; oh, don't worry, nothing happened.

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